Fueled by Passion

Planning, urban design, & economic development strategies that create great places.

Who we are?

What we do?

We are agile, nimble, and adaptive.  There’s no agency hierarchy to trip over, and no juniors making decisions about your project.


The firm’s principal draws from a multidisciplinary training and experience in planning, urban design, and economic development.  He has won various national awards for planning, design, and coding efforts.

Based on principles of smart growth, restorative place-based economy, and sustainable urbanism we offer the following services:

  • General Plans, Specific Plans, and Corridor Plans;
  • Urban Design;
  • Development Codes; and
  • Economic Development

How we do it?

Collaboration is fundamental to innovation. We work collaboratively with the client and public to deliver the highest quality of service.  Based on project needs, we assemble a multidisciplinary project team that brings together outstanding skills in engineering, environmental planning, urban design, market and fiscal impact analysis, transportation planning, and civic engagement.  Our wide variety of professional perspectives and experiences allow us to handle complex challenges more readily, and deliver unexpected value and insights, and produce breakthrough work for clients.

The firm takes only a handful of projects a year, which allows the principal to be completely committed to all aspects of the project, providing undivided attention to the client, and flexibility to develop transformative grounds-up solutions.   As a sole proprietor the principal is more nimble to adapt to changes. The low overhead costs makes it possible to offer more for less -- a superior value for our clients.