Public Sector


South Pasadena, CA


West Covina, CA


San Dimas, CA


Metro Nashville, TN


Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council, CA


City of Tacoma, WA


Ventura Housing Authority, CA


Community Memorial Hospital, Ventura, CA


City of Ventura, CA


City of Farmers Branch, TX


City-County of Indianapolis, IN


City of Jersey City, NJ

Private Sector


Sheikh Shabbir Saifee


Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, Mumbai


Moule & Polyzoides


Beckwith Consulting Group, WA


Bridge Home, CA


KTGY Group, Inc


Client's Testimonials


Possessed with a profound understanding of planning principles, Mr Rangwala brings an extensive knowledge of performance based zoning and various elements of place-making into the planning process. See more.

September 2010, Tom Bartlett, AICP, City Planner, Calabsas, CA


Kaizer is dependable, creative, and tremendously talented in helping to create, communicate and rethink an existing suburban neighborhood into a sustainable new urban vision. See more.

June 2010, Dan Hardy, Housing Development Director, Ventura Housing Authority


Kaizer brings high intelligence and wisdom gained from valuable hands-on experience from across the United States and beyond to his work at the micro- and macro-scale of urban design and development. See more.

June 2010, Carol Wyant, Pathfinder Consulting


Mr Rangwala introduced the first Form Based Codes to the city in such a fashion that he created substantial community "buy in". Kaizer was not just consistent as a great planner, but as a team and consensus builder with staff, elected officials, and the development community.

June 2010, Greg Vick, Assistant City Manager, Farmers Branch


Kaizer's depth of knowledge and skill at communicating that knowledge set him apart. He is an acutely insightful urban designer and architect, as well as an economic realist. See more.

May 2010. Michael Spicer, Director of Community Services, Farmers Branch