Community Memorial Hospital Code

The functional demands on hospital facilities including a complex set of programmatic requirements for internal adjacencies, privacy, radiation, shielding and for constant growth and change lead to relatively large, simply shaped and inwardly oriented buildings. Such buildings tend to be incompatible with the scale and character of urban districts or neighborhoods.


Rangwala Associates collaborated with a multi-disciplinary team to develop standards for the size, orientation, massing and frontage design of hospital facilities which will help deliver buildings whose scale and character will be compatible with their urban context.


The public realm: plazas, village greens, and streetscapes is designed to enable urban life to thrive in close context with the natural environment. The Code directs attention to both principles and details that give a place its individual character. Such principles and details will mature the Hospital District into an a unique and beloved place within Ventura.


A robust network of very walkable streets is necessary to reduce congestion, provide emergency access, encourage pedestrian activity, support existing and future transit ridership, provide valuable new addresses for mixed-use development, and both increase and leverage a finite parking supply. Accordingly, the streets have been designed to moderate vehicular speeds for improved pedestrian comfort and safety.