Ventura Planning Processes

Per the new General Plan, the Council directed staff to create a task force to consider revisions to the development review process to be consistent with the anticipated code changes and explore opportunities to streamline the Planning Commission, the Design Review Committee, and the Historic Preservation Committee processes.

After gathering information on the entitlement process and conducting surveys, the task force group came up with 54 process improvement recommendations. The group recognized a phased approach to process improvement and identified recommendations for an interim period and for the post form-based code regulating adoption stage.

In early 2006, staff initiated work on developing a “protocode” that would serve as a template for city-wide code. Changing priorities shifted staff focus instead to developing an equally important but different project: a final code replacing the 30-year old zoning code for Main and Thompson Corridors. Besides Main and Thompson Corridor, transect based form-based codes were developed for several community plan and specific plan areas. In remaining areas, the existing zoning ordinance continued to regulate development.

Process improvement is a continuous effort.  While the task force recommendations mainly focused on development review processes that involve current planners, we also examined and streamlined some of the advanced planning and land engineering processes.