West Covina Downtown  Plan & Code

West Covina has not historically had a Downtown. With Zoning that has encouraged suburban development, the 300-acre area formerly labeled the “Central Business District” was struggling – it lacked a sense of identity and place.

Responding to extensive community input, the Downtown Plan calls for the establishment of three integrated mixed-use districts. Each district is organized around a ¼ mile pedestrian shed incorporating the physical components of walkable urbanism. Connecting these three districts is a continuous network of streets, sidewalks, crosswalks, greenways, and plazas that create a rich, pedestrian-focused public realm with walkable streets and a multi-modal transit network.

The Downtown Plan provides suggestions for public improvements, such as creating a pedestrian/bike path in the existing Walnut Creek Wash, a transit plaza at the Plaza West Covina, and the creation of a green linear park space along Glendora Avenue (currently in process with Public Works) to create a central gathering place as the heart of the City.

Within this uninviting suburban landscape, new development has begun to emerge to encourage a new identity for the downtown, including a mixed-use 450-unit housing community with space for retail, restaurant, and professional uses.