West Covina General Plan

Economic Development Element

RA assisted HR&A Advisors, the Economic Development lead, in preparing the Economic Element for the General Plan. The General Plan Economic Element (Our Prosperous Community) addresses how West Covina can attract and retain high-wage and high value enterprises, and diversify and increase the local tax base.


Building upon the market analysis information and direction from the expert panel, the community identified a set of actionable goals and objectives that the City and stakeholders can act upon in the near term (0-2 years), mid-term (5-7 years) and long term (7-15 years). The strategy focused on three broad areas:

  1. Maintain and monitor West Covina’s fiscal health;
  2. Reinforce the West Covina’s brand as a great place to live, work and play in the San Gabriel Valley; and
  3. Nurture local businesses and attract non-retail jobs.