Westview Village Code

Westview Village is a low-income housing development based on conventional neighborhood designing principles. A background study of Westview Village provided an understanding of the relationship of buildings within the immediate area. The surrounding area’s thriving diversity together with existing Westview Village resources

was the foundation for the masterplan.

Rangwala Associates teamed with KTGY and Amador Whittle Architect, Inc, to develop a master plan and code. Community feedback and series of design efforts inspired ideas for a final masterplan.

A shared vision for a new neighborhood emphasizes the streets redesigned to facilitate pedestrian safety, the preservation of trees, the creation of block patterns, articulation of well-defined open space and connectivity, and pursuing resiliency in design. Collectively, the final masterplan and code emphasizes the design of what the neighborhood can become and ultimately defining the ethos of the Westside Community.

The Westview Code provides a diverse set of building types, including courtyard housing, bungalow courts, rowhouses, combination of flats and townhouses, and economically devised flex space units with small businesses on the ground floor and living spaces on the upper floor. These units offer a variety of living arrangements in the form of single, duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes that range from two-,three-, and four-story massing.